Re: Oregon's Senate Bill 485-A Passes Senate

Author Subject: Re: Oregon's Senate Bill 485-A Passes Senate
Tarzan Posted At 21:35:46 04/04/2001
I'll never understand how LIE pseudodoctors fuller and radecki, can have more to say than a doctor, whos spent more time in surgery, then they did doing LIE exams. Yes two. One fuller and radecki, the other radecki and seelig.

fuller and radecki 13-pages, Dr. Cook, one paragraph.

And the Administrative Law Judge says, the more words, is easier to believe, or how ever she worded it. Same Same.

So 4 surgeries, and I'm the fraud. And still no work.

I'm completely convinced there's only one way to go back to work, and that's with my tools on.

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