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Jaye Posted At 01:06:29 04/05/2001
Dear Rick,

I just so happend to stumble on your site in my most desperiate time of need. I just got on w/ a major company and went through a month and 1/2 of extensive training and the enviorment they set, was you never would know if for whatever reason. They could tell you pack your bag to go home up into the final day of completion. Many people gave up their jobs, had to fly out of town & away from kids, family etc.

My job is very physical and unfortunately I was severly injured by someone else's negligence. And the sad thing is that my other co-workers brought it to managements attention & this could of prevented the servity of my injury. I have never been one to take advantage of the system.
I went ahead working because:
(1) On probation- (2) Didn't think it was that bad.

I have now cannot tap into my HMO & forced to deal w/these workers comp. people & have made my condition physically & mentally worse. I have daily excruating pain on a daily basis, to the point of almost wanting to end my life. (sad thing is I'm very young) This is how bad my pain has been, even talking on the phone in tears begging them to assist me & give me some information.
I was actually re-jectied by doctors because I was comp!!
I have had to be my own doctor & find out what test that I need to have run. All they can tell me is just find out who takes workers comp.

I don't know what or who to go to anymore. Please help me, anyone/-any feed back will be an asset.



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