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Jaye Posted At 02:04:37 04/05/2001
All I can say when I read your description was, "oh my God," I'm going through the exact same thing but, I have two lower herniated discs, and debilitating & severe inflamation in my neck & shoulders. I had a MRI done for my neck & it came out ok?
You would think that in this day in age I'm the only person in medical history, that know Orothopedic back doctor, surgeon, or PT has heard of my symptoms or my even sound familure??
You know, IT's JUST A MISTERY TO THEM. By my own research, I know I either have a pulled muscle or nerve. (I requested an EMG on all four extremities & my neck & this was like being tortured in a 3rd world county!) & showed some in-normalites.
Now, I can't get workers comp. to help me find the correct person to read my EMG one month later & I'm guessing only a Neurologist can... who, where to look besides going through phone book & the list comp. faxes over is another story. Especially in NY.
I hope you have found the proper medical attention & anyone that can give me any in-put would help me so much. I LIVE IN CHRONIC PAIN, INFLAMATION, & NEVER KNOW WHEN I CAN HAVE A "PAIN FREE MOMENT?"
Thank's and good luck to everyone!


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