Bob Posted At 08:28:19 04/06/2001
Eager to try anything after four surgical procedures on my lower back, (L-4,L-5)I heard about a "PAIN" clinic in Portland and decided to check it out. I traveled 250 miles from my home in Southern Oregon to interview with the head DR. at PRA to determine if they could help me. He was a good salesman and assured me that they had a lot of tricks up their sleeve such as all the latest and greatest drugs for my situation. When I entered the program they confiscated everyones meds and began their PHONY three week clinic telling us drugs were not needed but that they were a large part of our problems. We were treated as drug seekers when we asked a nurse for some of our meds. The so called "DOCTORS" were inaccessable and treated us like trash if we spoke up or questioned how the "PROGRAM" seemed to be failing for us as individuals. S.A.I.F. and other insurance companies pay phony clinics such as PRA to label injured workers as drug seeking and failures. Clinics such as these need to be exposed for what they are and put out of business. I would like to hear from others who have dealt with these money hungry LIARS at PRA.
Dear Drug Addict Re: PHONY PAIN CLINIC IN PORTLAND ,(PRA) (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 02:45:20 04/24/2001

Sorry you couldn't give up your drugs. Don't blame PRA, you are the one putting them into your body.
sb Re: PHONY PAIN CLINIC IN PORTLAND ,(PRA) (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:15:10 04/24/2001

You are absolutely right about this clinic's motives. They are working at the hands of the insurance companies (who are paying them of course) and one of their well known tactics is to label an injured worker as a drug seeker in order to give the insurance company a viable basis to deny the claim. Don't feel alone. It's happening to hundreds of Oregon injured workers every week all over the state.
Donalyn Re: PHONY PAIN CLINIC IN PORTLAND ,(PRA) (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 13:52:43 04/30/2001

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time controlling your pain. I unfortunately become very sick with pain medication so I can't relate. I can however relate to the chronic pain. And I believe that if medications help you by all means use them. It's called quality of life. Who runs this pain clinic? What are the physicians' backgrounds? Are they "insurance whores"? If so maybe you can help others by exposing them. I used to be a workers' comp investigator. I know that many in the industry develop a "mindset" like every case is a fraud. It's all about money. As a former insider, I could tell stories that would curl your ears. Talk about fraud. Workers' Comp stopped being a welfare-first system long ago. Good luck to you.
seeboo Re: PHONY PAIN CLINIC IN PORTLAND ,(PRA) (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:19:58 05/03/2001

Had the same situation at PRA Spent most of the time asking for the new and fresh treatment promised to me in the discovery meeting prior to attending.Most of the techs had less knowledge and a lot less exsperince than myself.You are correct that the main focus was on the decpicable drug addiction of Chronic Pain combatant.Waste of time and effort for my family and I. Any question of procedure or want of input was seen as uncoopertive and distruptive.Dont like sounding negitive but been to four Pain clinics and all they result in is more PAIN and broken promises.

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