Workers' Memorial Day - Friday , April 27

Author Subject: Workers' Memorial Day - Friday , April 27
Webmaster Posted At 22:52:33 04/06/2001
Friday, April 27, a rally in observance of Workers Memorial Day at the state Capitol in Salem. Activities from noon to 1:00 p.m. will feature safety and health advocates from the Oregon AFL-CIO and prominent government officials —including a reading of the Governor’s proclamation on Workers Memorial Day.

Workers Memorial Day 2001 marks the thirty-first anniversary of the passage of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act, commonly referred to as “OSHA”. Despite this landmark piece of legislation, American workers continue to face inordinately high rates of employment-caused injuries, diseases, and death.

Every working day, an average of 40 American workers are killed, while another 7,000 are seriously injured on the job. In addition, 40 more workers die each day from occupationally caused diseases.

Workers Memorial Day commemorates these killed and injured workers as well as the contributions they have made to our society. It is also a day when members of Organized Labor can demonstrate their commitment to ending the needless pain, suffering and loss of life, which are associated with unhealthy and unsafe working conditions.

For those workers who will be remaining at their jobsites April 27, the Oregon AFL-CIO is urging all affiliates to make arrangements with their respective management representatives to observe a moment of silence during their workday. In this way, Organized Labor can make certain that our brothers and sisters who have been victimized by injury, sickness, occupational disease and/or death at work will be properly remembered and honored.
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Posted At 12:15:48 04/18/2001

Oh yeah. Organized labor will help solve all of your problems. Just make sure you pay your dues. They are a money-making organization, too.

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