ORS Numbers a License to Steal From the Broke Down

Author Subject: ORS Numbers a License to Steal From the Broke Down
Tarzan Posted At 17:32:50 04/07/2001

Another example of Oregon Law, gets real hard to say you respect the law or anyone having anything to do with it, when it includes, stealing from the broken down.

Just another loop hole.

Wouldn't it be easier to say, we condone, SAIF's right to steal.

Now doesn't that beat reading 5 pages. To say the same thing.
Tarzan Re: ORS Numbers a License to Steal From the Broke Down (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 11:42:49 04/08/2001

If I understand this, which I probably don't. Then $AIF is trying to say go away, and go to The Social Security System and Retire.

Like a $1,000 a month is acceptable in some way. Better than a sharp stick in the eye, better than nothing.

Then we'll come back later with our video, and take it away, and show you are a fraud.

Aren't these laws set-up so Worthle$$ comp. can shirk their responsibilities?

How did this guy get a pre-existing back problem? Something fuller dreamed up no doubt, or was it some other pseudodoctor?

Just seems like the Christian thing to do would be fix him, or take care of him. Still seems cheaper in the long run, wouldn't Uncle Sam love to have him back on the tax records again?

When I went to $alem recently there was a pan handler there, needing wine no doubt, makes me think how close I am to him, no job or respect either.
Big Brother Re: ORS Numbers a License to Steal From the Broke Down (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:22:31 04/08/2001

Tarzan, you keep writing about being close to becoming a panhandler.....but in your past messages, you were settling your claim with Liberty Northwest.....hhhhhmmmmm- was there a settlement there? How much did you get? You have been asked before if you are on timeloss or if you are receiving permanent disability benefits and you never answer. I am thinking you have long since settled your claim with your insurer and have received a sizeable settlement. I am also thinking your claim has been over and done with for some time. I think you should leave this website for those who are in need of information and support for their ongoing battle and recovery from their injuries. All I see coming from you is useless ramblings of a man with far too much time on his hands and most likely a pre-existing psychological condition called paranoia.

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