Re: treatment after being put on light duty by workmans comp

Author Subject: Re: treatment after being put on light duty by workmans comp
Just Me Posted At 20:50:27 04/08/2001
I understand where your coming from. I am having the same problems. The doctor told me to find another job. I am the sole supporter of my family, so I need the benefits that I have at this job. On friday I go to see another doctor. I am on work restriction of 4 hours a day, and comp has not sent me a check to make up the difference. I wish that some of the comp people could endure the pain that I go throught just to get throught the 4 hours of work. My supervisor complained about me not lifting the parts at work and I told him I would be happy for him to trade me arms. Because I would love to be back to normal. I wish you the best of luck!!
And keep of fighting. I know its hard, but I keep thinking that maybe one day people will wake up and smell the coffee!!!!

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