Re: ORS Numbers a License to Steal From the Broke Down

Author Subject: Re: ORS Numbers a License to Steal From the Broke Down
Big Brother Posted At 21:22:31 04/08/2001
Tarzan, you keep writing about being close to becoming a panhandler.....but in your past messages, you were settling your claim with Liberty Northwest.....hhhhhmmmmm- was there a settlement there? How much did you get? You have been asked before if you are on timeloss or if you are receiving permanent disability benefits and you never answer. I am thinking you have long since settled your claim with your insurer and have received a sizeable settlement. I am also thinking your claim has been over and done with for some time. I think you should leave this website for those who are in need of information and support for their ongoing battle and recovery from their injuries. All I see coming from you is useless ramblings of a man with far too much time on his hands and most likely a pre-existing psychological condition called paranoia.

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