who else is liable?

Author Subject: who else is liable?
chris w Posted At 18:32:03 04/11/2001
I broke my hip on the job in oregon while working for a contractor on a state funded construction project. I tripped over a piece of rebar sticking up out of the ground that had been left there many years ago(it was hooked on the end and hidden by grass). The injury happened on private property which the state had arranged for trespass rights during the project. My question is this, besides the workmans comp. insurance held by my employer, is anyone else (state, old contractor or landowner)in any part liable?
Tony p Re: who else is liable? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 07:47:21 04/20/2001

Hey Chris have you found out any imformation on your question? I am in a simular situation. I fell through a roof and tore my ear in two, 3 months later My back started hurting, I have now been on workmans comp dissability for almost 3 months I've also had to have emergency back surgery and I'll probably never be able to go back to the construction work I've done all my life. I was woundering the same thing though, Is any body else responsible, my employers new what shape the roof was in and so did the establishment we were working on, along with that the main supervisor also fell through the same roof several times himself. And still nothing was done to insure our saftey. This incident happened in michigan. Can you or anybody else Help me with imformation about this matter?
Hey Tony P Re: who else is liable? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 02:42:01 04/24/2001

Your back started hurting 3 months AFTER your accident? How the heck do you that is related? You are a dishonest person and you know it. You give the true claimant's a bad name. People like you are the ones who cause problems for the legit claimants. Shame on you!

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