Measure 81. No accountability from employers to employees

Author Subject: Measure 81. No accountability from employers to employees
Think about it Posted At 12:44:29 03/09/2000
Hello Injured workers.

I have been thinking about something very disturbing, As you know this is an
election year, Alot of money is being throw at candidates. Look at the money
being spent on Measure 81 this year, 5 million on both side, that should tell us someting.
It does me. It tells me that oneside of this issue, the supporters of this measure
want to take away your right to sue or limit your award, the other side
wants you to have the right to sue and recieve a fair amount for your Injuries.

If you are injuried at work and you employer knew of the hazard and didn't lift
a finger to fix the problem, you are left with what ever the system is willing
to give to you, and as you know it is very little, is your employer responsible
for your Injuries, NO. Will your employer fix this problem, probably not, because
his workers comp rate will no doubt go up. A few years ago when you were injured
on the job, your employer was scared about a rise in the premium that they would
have to pay, NOW, when you are hurt at work, your employer is not worried about
the cost of workmans comp, but they are worried about the amount of their dividend
checks that they recieve, Is this fair, No Its not, The employers have no
accountability, not to your safety and health. When an employer dosen't fix a problem
that can hurt you, It should say by law that this injury was intentional, meaning
that your employer disregared your safety and health.It happens all the time.

Do you know why traffic tickets are Issued, Because of safety laws. People
that drive badly are a threat to your safety and if they are caught by a traffic cop
they are fined for this, What is the purpose of this fine! To insure that
you don't do it again, and if you do you insurance rates will go up because you
are a risk. This same attitude should be in place when you are injured at work.

Employers are not worried about a fine from Oregons OSHA because it is so small.
for each serious violation to your safety, your company might be issued a fine
the average fine is less that 300 dollars, and they will appeal it.
Some Traffic infractions are alot more, Can you appeal a traffic ticket, NO you can't.
Does this make sense, NO!. You will have to pay the fine and your
insurance rates will go higher if you continue to violate the traffic laws.
Shouldn't employers who violate your safety have to be as responsible as you have to be.
Yes they should instead of hiding behind your lawmakers, Do Injured workers have
anywhere to hide, No they don't, We are supposed to have laws that protect us
against unsafe working conditions, but they are very weak, and if we speak out
against an employer who disregards your safety, You will be fired for it with
no recourse afforded to you, and if you fight this it will only cost you and your
family, your savings account will be drained by fighting this. You will be
left unemployed and your ability to find suitable employment after your injury
will be more difficult, They laws that protect your employer are far greater
than the laws that protect you. I have heard that Measure 81 is clouded and will
affect many other laws, Those other laws are Exclusive Remedy, and workers compensation.
This is something that the Oregonian will not say, Instead they say Injured people.

Saif Corp, Associated Oregon Industries are extremely worried about the Up-coming
State Supreme court ruling and have pledged millions of dollars to pass
this measure, they are trying to combat this ruling by Measure 81.
AOI is trying to protect their membership from "as they say Undue lawsuits
filed by Injured workers, According to injured workers their Injuries are undue
and preventable, and any company that disregards their employees safety should
be sued, If they are then they might decide to cleanup their act.
If they don't, there will be no one left to work for these disregarding employers.
AOI gets alot of money from Workers comp carriers in terms of Bonuses and fees
and stand to lose alot of money if this measure is defeated, They are going to fight very hard
to protect their membership and disregard your safety.

Make Oregons employers accountable to your personal health and safety.
If they have unsafe working conditions and their workers are dropping like flies
then you have the right to sue them for this and not let Measure 81
limit you amount of reward. Your familes livability is at stake because if
you are limited by a settlement amout the so is your family. LIMITED

Kay Re: Measure 81. No accountability from employers to employees (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:21:13 03/10/2000

Your point about the traffic fines is well taken. Last year I was driving in
Washington state, stopped for speeding, and instead of getting a speeding
ticket, I was cited for an expired drivers license. In fact my license was valid,
I just didn't have the renewal sticker on my license. For that I was fined
$500.00. Through the negligence of Menasha Corp., a log rolled on my husband
and destroyed his life. For that they could be fined $300.00. My husband
couldn't sue his employer and likewise couldn't receive any disablity under
workers compensation. This is a no-win situation for injured workers.
Instead of "exclusive remedy" it should be called "no remedy". The injustices
committed against injured workers under the current system must end.
The wrongs must be righted. Reparations must be made to all injured workers
who have been defrauded by the system, through the violation of their civil
rights. Measure 81 must be defeated.

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