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Michael Speer Posted At 04:55:38 03/10/2000
Having read your article and having experienced first hand the reality of claims handling from the opposite end from where you sit suggests to me that you need to come walk in my shoes. It would be a wonderful world indeed if the law were applied equitably and if everyone had to comply with said law but that is NOT the case.
To date I have listed some 84 laws, codes,canons, statutes, rules, and regulations that have been violated by the attorneys, judges, the insurers, the Ins. commissioner, the DA's office, and of course, the employer that range from misdemeanors to felonys. Constitutional guarantees are worth about as much as the paper that they are written on with violations 'under the color of authority' as common as rain.
The State Bar and the various other 'ethics' outfits are facades put up to quell the publics outrage of what is going on in every state in this country. Let's face reality about the Worker's Comp. they have managed to legally extort every employer in every state , by law, to pay for insurance. The Insurer collects off of the employees end by not honoring the 'no fault system' that they sold to the legislators. Of course the Insurers contribute to all these various legislators political aspirations, legally.... A check of the law will expose that the insurers have pretty much immunized themselves against the law...... and one can find that the Insurers have had their legislators manage to get the Insurers into the law enforcement area by allowing them to 'police'
all of us.
My case has revealed all of this and much more..... Corrupt doesn't begin to accurately describe what is going on.

Sadly, it is misguided fools like you that are 'glazing over'the reality of what is going on. You left some important information out of your article. That information is about the dark side of the insurer and
lengths that they will go to for the win.In my eyes and in many peoples eyes , the insurers are little more than parasites, living off of the blood of others or carpet baggers who should be tarred & feathered and ran out of town.
Regards,Mike Speer

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