Re: Measure 81. No accountability from employers to employees

Author Subject: Re: Measure 81. No accountability from employers to employees
Kay Posted At 14:21:13 03/10/2000
Your point about the traffic fines is well taken. Last year I was driving in
Washington state, stopped for speeding, and instead of getting a speeding
ticket, I was cited for an expired drivers license. In fact my license was valid,
I just didn't have the renewal sticker on my license. For that I was fined
$500.00. Through the negligence of Menasha Corp., a log rolled on my husband
and destroyed his life. For that they could be fined $300.00. My husband
couldn't sue his employer and likewise couldn't receive any disablity under
workers compensation. This is a no-win situation for injured workers.
Instead of "exclusive remedy" it should be called "no remedy". The injustices
committed against injured workers under the current system must end.
The wrongs must be righted. Reparations must be made to all injured workers
who have been defrauded by the system, through the violation of their civil
rights. Measure 81 must be defeated.

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