Invite from the White House

Author Subject: Invite from the White House
Julie Winters Posted At 15:21:20 04/13/2001

Please, let us write to him with our conserns about the insurance industry and Labor and Industries.
We would volunteer to work with A.G. Ascroft to pull together a R.I.C.O. Brief on all the states that hire "medical whores," to deprive the injured workers of their right to be "made whole again or compensated".
It's time for a Senate Grand Jury to expose the biggest racket in Nation, where the states, extort monies from our paychecks leading us to believe we are covered by their insurance.
We rely upon that, and that is the graveman of "Fraud."
It does fall under the guidelines of R.I.C.O.


April 5, 2001

Ms. Julie Winters

Post Office Box 59582

Renton, Washington 98058-2582

Dear Ms. Winters:

Thank you for letting me know your views. I welcome information from Americans across
the country, and I value your input.

I am confident that we, as a Nation, can put our differences aside and work together in a
spirit of bipartisan cooperation to do what is in the best interest of all our citizens.



George W. Bush
jimchudy Re: Invite from the White House (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:24:13 04/14/2001

Please send this link to interested parties concerning wc.

This will tell the wc story.

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