tailbone injury

Author Subject: tailbone injury
americandoll Posted At 20:54:10 04/16/2001
After an ice storm in january of 2000, I had a slip and fall in the employee parking lot. They had neglected to clear or salt the lot. I herniated a disc and had a very painful tailbone injury. I went to the workman comp doctor, he immediately sent me back to work. Since a didn't have a doctors slip I had to work or lose my job, so I worked, unfortunetly I am a city bus driver so the pain has been neverending. I was finally able to see a neurosurgeon, and he wrote a letter to workmans comp telling them I needed to be retrained for another job because the injury wasn't going to get much better. This was concurred by an orthopedic doctor. I have now been off work for over four months and I have never recieved a penny. I haven't officially been denied, but I'm sure I will be my question is should I get a lawyer? Should I go after my employer? I will never be able to drive professionally again, and I am not trained for anything else. I am not sure what to do. I live in Michigan

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