Re: IME and I still am unable to walk

Author Subject: Re: IME and I still am unable to walk
Watchdog Posted At 10:16:08 04/18/2001
You are right about being sent for an IME exam, Normally they don't
send you to one of these so-called doctors until they plan to deny your claim.

You said the carrier wants to make sure that you are getting the proper treatment, Thats a lie.

IME's don't order x-rays, MRI's, or write prescriptions for pain medication
They only deny claims, That's there job, If IME's did actually make sure that you were getting the proper treatment needed it would cost the carrier more money for this treatment.

Surgeries are expensive, Physical therapy is expensive, Your claim is expensive, Thats the bottom line.

Yes, do take a witness, Call the IME office and get permission to have a friend with you.

No, you can't tape record your visit In Oregon.

The IME isn't responsible for your Treatment. Please understand this.

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