Author Subject: Injury
Janet Posted At 20:52:18 04/18/2001
I wa injured on job back in sept 2000. Fed Gov supported since then with theapy, epideral shots, dr visits, mylogram, cat scan and now my doc wants to do surgery laminectomy. Get this!!!! They denied the surgery saying it is a pre-existing condition. Now my employer at Dept of Defense that saw me get injured and signed injury report is removing me from my position and federal service because I have missed work for 143 days. I emailed my senator. No lawyer will take on fed cases. What do I do? They can't do this. Please anyone give me some advice.
Removal of all or part of the bony arch Re: Injury (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:17:34 04/19/2001

Are you sure you want to do this? Will it help? They are denying because it's their baby if it doesn't work. Look harder for a lawyer. They want to starve you out. They can't over ride your doctor, just denie until the cows come home.
Oh Please Re: Injury (Currently 1 replies)
Posted At 02:35:41 04/24/2001

You probably have a degenerative disc that is causing the problem, just like the rest of us. Just have your private insurance pay for it and get back to work you lazy bum! Gee whiz!
Marty Re: Injury (Currently 2 replies)
Posted At 22:21:17 04/26/2001

Oh Please,

You should become an insurance company IME. You seem to be able to (think) you can diagnose a complicated medical problem without any scientifically acceptable exam (20-30 minutes doesn't qualify). You didn't see the injured worker (as in paper exam), and you came into your decision with a pre-concieved diagnosis.

Congratualations! You can now destroy the lives of decent and hard-working people than for no other reason than to fill your pockets with gold (or are you already doing that as an insurance company claims examiner).

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