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Author Subject: Re: Check out the Brutal Fl Laws
Tigerlily Posted At 00:39:28 04/20/2001
> These are the laws that our lovely lawmakers in Florida are trying to pass-----Thanks to Bush-----Don't get hurt in Fl---You'll loose everything!!
> **only one change of physician is allowed;
> ** the change of physician is to be selected from a list of three provided
> the carrier;
> ** The injured worker cannot make a request for any recommended medical
> treatment without written documentation provided by the physician;
> **IME (Independent medical costs are payable only if the Judge relies upon
> it);
> **Compensation for toxic exposure is severly limited and harder to prove;
> **Makes it more difficult to obtain benefits for occupational disease and
> other exposure injuries;
> **Eliminates impairment benefits for psychiatric benefits;
> Creates overly restrictive definition of permanent total disability:
> a) removes social security definition thereby removing the federal
> definition for catastrophic injury;
> b) requires the catastrophically injured to prove inability to find any
> gainful employment within a 100 mile radius;
> Restricts an injured worker's access to court by depriving them ability to
> secure representation to obtain a small benefit being denied by the
> employer/carrier.
> The following House members voted for the BAD amendment:
> Alexander (Winter Haven) 850/488-9465
> Harper (West Palm Beach) 850/488-8632
> Allen (Merritt Island) 850/488-4669
> Benson (Pensacola) 850/488-0895
> Flanagan (Bradenton) 850/488-4086
> Kendrick (Carrabelle) 850/488-7870
> Peterman (St. Petersburg) 850/488-0925
> Priequez (Miami) 850/488-4202
> Ritter (Coral Springs) 850/488-2124
> Spratt (Sebring) 850/488-3457
> Trovillion (Winter Park) 850/488-0660
> Waters (Largo) 850/488-6197

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