Need help in Michigan

Author Subject: Need help in Michigan
Tony P Posted At 08:55:12 04/20/2001
I fell through a roof this past summer, at the time it just looked like all I did was tear my ear in half,I was taken to the hospital and the ear was fixed. 3 months later I started haveing a bunch of lower back trouble resulting in alot of lost time on the job. I kept telling my supervisor about the trouble I was haveing and it was never suggested that I seek treatment, instead he would just tell me to take some time off. Finally I had to work so I'd go in all messed up on vicodin and tylenol w/ codine or anything else I could take to help relieve some of the pain, I told my supervisor about the pain again and all the drugs I was takeing to be able to attempt a day of work, still he never suggested treatment,( by the way I'm a Roofer) finally 1 1/2 weeks before christmas I had to seek treatment from a ciropractor which suggested takeing more time off work! well the treatments did no good. After the christmas break, I went into work still in as bad of shape or worst and they sent me to the workmans comp doctors. The doctors there X-rayed me and told me I have arthritus and bone spurs but would be alright with exercize, the workmans comp rep allowed me 2 weeks of therapy, well during this time I had numb toes and tingeling all down my leg, which indicates a nerve trouble. They kept treating me for back spasams they kept suggesting getting a MRI taken but would not send me to the MRI clinic to have the procedure done. Finally after the 2 weeks of treatment and very little improvement, the clinics doctors sent me back to work and told me I'd be allright with time. Well after about 1 month I was in worst shape than ever, I attempted to try and continue to work again, this time no medications would stop the pain and I lost a ton of time on the job. I told the supervisor about this again along with the companys secretary and still nothing was suggested for me to seek treatment. Well after another 2 weeks of trying to work like this, the secretary told me to call workmans comp and start getting treatments again. Well I did this and this time the doctors did send me for a MRI and it showed that I had multipul ruptures in my lower 4/5 vertebrate, after another 1 week of therapy I was in so much pain that I lost control of my body functions and could not move more than 5 feet at a time without collapsing on the floor, I had to addmit myself into the hospital and the next day they had to do an emergency lumbar laminectomy. This got rid of some of the pain but I still can't walk more than 15 houses without collapsing in pain. This is 5 weeks after the surgery, The doctor says its because I kept trying to do my job and did sever nerve damage, I might not ever get the feeling back in my lower leg, and odds are I will never be able to go back to the only work I know. Well I'm now back in therapy with not any improvement, and my checks from workmans comp are so small because of all the time missed from the original injury, that I'm not able to pay all my bills and rent, along with that I need job trainning because All I know is the construction trade. Does anybody know if the state should take care of the matter of re- trainning or is this a workmans comp area, also Do I have a law suit? towards my employeers or the doctors that sent me back to work in pain and never had a MRI done to find the real troubles that was keeping me in pain? Also How long will workmans comp continue to pay? and do I have any other options?

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