Many Years of typing

Author Subject: Many Years of typing
Abbie Posted At 18:26:40 04/20/2001
Been banging a keyboard for new 30 years - 20 of them at same large co.
Went to Medical, saw dr. & I reported pain in neck, right hand (thumb,
index finger) and wrists.
Dr. gave me night splint, anti inflam med, and scheduled EMG.
She said thinks I have arthritis in index finger, carpel in wrists and
somethign wrong right side from neck to finger.
It is very painful and wondering if I should be getting a lawyer?
Going to write down everythign in a log.
I'm only 46 years old and can retire at 55 if I make it that long.
I'm thinking I need a new profession, I'm worn out - I type over 90 wpm.
Also, Medical is telling me can't get EMG till 2nd week June.
Does anyone know if I should I be waiting this long for this test?
thanks Abbie
They Make You Wait For Everything Re: Many Years of typing (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:24:27 04/20/2001

The carpal tunnel will do worlds of good.
Really Re: Many Years of typing (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 02:37:43 04/24/2001

I have doing the same thing, typing, ten key. Plus I do other things, like clean the house, the car, cooking, dishes. I suppose you don't and your work has caused all your problems! Get a clue!
hound dog Re: Many Years of typing (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:19:58 04/26/2001

*Really* or what ever your name is all through these postings. What goes around comes around..! Get a life and go back to your ins company job b4 the boss finds out your screwing off.

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