What is being RATED mean? Anyone had a IDETT done?

Author Subject: What is being RATED mean? Anyone had a IDETT done?
Paula in Alaska Posted At 02:26:40 04/25/2001
Looking for information on post IDETT recovery. I had this done in Dec. of 2000. PT seems to think that it was the greatest thing to happen to me even though I have told him a million times I still have pain while doing any dailly activity not to mention the increased pain I have while at work. The last time I talked to him he said he was going to have me rated. If I was still in pain at work maybe that wasnt the job for me. What does he mean hes going to have me rated? Does this mean he thinks I'm medicaly stable? Can they rate you before you are medicaly stable? I think I need a lawyer but I'm not sure what to tell them. I have not had any trouble w/WC until after I had the IDETT done. Now it seems everything is in a hurry. There was no hurry in finding the cause of my pain for a year and a half. My injury date is 6/22/99 Now I guess they think everything is fine when its NOT. I have been back at work for almost three months but I am still on light duty. I have heard that after 90 days if I dont have the restrictions lifted I will be terminated. Can they do that? My case worker and my adjuster have not contacted me since I had the IDETT done in Dec. And know I have lost faith in my PT. Its hard to have a PT that is 360 miles away that you only see once every two months. I think he is tired of dealing with me so he is going to push me off on someone else.
ANY ADVISE any of you can give me about being rated and what to tell the lawyer would be a great help.
Thanks for your time.
Paula in Alaska
M in Oregon Re: What is being RATED mean? Anyone had a IDETT done? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:01:05 04/25/2001


In Oregon there is a WC Ombudsman. Check the internet or contact your wc carrier - hopefully you have this service available to you. In Oregon they have to determine the ROM, etc. to determine any PPD award. Also, in Oregon attorney fees are paid for by the system. Just remember tho - attorneys look for the money - you will not find that they care about you as a person or your rights - the system is setup to perpetuate itself. Good luck. I have had RSD since 1993 - fortunately it is not in my dominant arm. I ignore it and focus on the positive. I have contractures of my digits, a partially anklosed wrist and limited range of motion in my should (almost zero abduction). Anyway, attitude is critical. Good luck in your journey. People - family and friends matter. Your RSD can be a tremendous asset to help you put things in focus!

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