Labor secretary under fire from Senators

Author Subject: Labor secretary under fire from Senators
Webmaster Posted At 15:47:50 04/28/2001
Lawmakers scolded Labor secretary Elaine Chao at a hearing Thursday saying
they were angry that she could not lay out plans or a deadline for new workplace safety rules.

It's not enough to say "We're going to be looking at it,"
Sen Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, My questions is: When are you going to set a deadline?.

The Senate subcommittee hearing was called to explore new federal regulations to help reduce repetitive strain injuries and similiar
muscular disorders in the workplace throught ergonomice, a science that attempts to adapt working conditions to suit individual employees.

Congress repealed the Clinton administrations rules last month in a bitter legislative battle using the never before used Congressional Review Act.

President Bush signed the repel, sought by business groups that said the rules were to far reaching and costly.

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