Nurse case mgr. badgering my Dr.

Author Subject: Nurse case mgr. badgering my Dr.
TK Posted At 13:14:42 04/30/2001
I had carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve tranlocation sugery just under two weeks ago. My srgeon advised my employer (and the employer advised wrkms comp)that my recovery and absen ce fr. work would be six weeks minimum. Upon my first visit to my Dr. just one week following surgery he advised me he had rec'd a letter (just days after the surgery) from the wrkers comp nurse case mgr. The letter was urging the dr. to consider allowing me to return to wrk w/ modified duties. The dr. said no way. But my question is whether or not this is appropriate for the nurse case mgr. to be bugging my dr.? Seems to me wkms comp. wants to get out of paying for my time off. I'd love to get back to my job, but I'm concerned about what woul happen if i were made to return to work without being completely healed, and as a result have to go through this all over again. Can they make me do this?
Maggie Re: Nurse case mgr. badgering my Dr. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:42:17 04/30/2001

Yes. It's legal. So deal with it.
It will take a long time, but you will do better. Re: Nurse case mgr. badgering my Dr. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:03:33 04/30/2001

Sounds like maggie is a real sweatheart
Watchdog Re: Nurse case mgr. badgering my Dr. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:26:23 05/01/2001

Did you notice that the really jerks never leave their e-mail address
when posting here.
dave Re: Nurse case mgr. badgering my Dr. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 02:15:48 05/09/2001

> case managers are a real pain....but the companies they work for believe everything they very carefull when dealing with get a lawyer!
Cole Re: Nurse case mgr. badgering my Dr. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 02:40:42 05/19/2001

It will depend on how much backbone your doctor has. The comp nurse will start calling your doctor every day. he,ll get tired of it and send you back. Tell your doctor not to let the comp nurse push him around. Tell him you want him to decide. Tell him you want this done the right way now so you do not have more problems in the future. you,ll be glad you did. Also make no mistake the comp nurse does not repeat does not care about you or your family. This is only the beginning of the evil she will do. Get a lawyer don,t wait like I did. good luck
debbie Re: Nurse case mgr. badgering my Dr. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:44:40 06/03/2001

Hello, My nurse practioneer met me at my IME exam and told me that my doctor had bad reviews, she said she had a great Surgeon who would do my sugery ASAP. I informed her that i would not be having insurance docs do my surgery, and my doctor had already set appiontments for me. I then saw the IME, the name needs to be changed to another word than independent medical examiner, but I wont say what online, anyway!!!! Well I got a letter that denied me anymore checks, or surgeries, or medical help the same date I saw the IME and told nurse no thanks fo r there surgeon. Well know I find out there are disbuting it all, I guess because they know I will never let there surgeons operate opn my cat, dog or spider as far as that goes, I have never heard good results, never!!!!!!!!!!!
Brad Re: Nurse case mgr. badgering my Dr. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:45:43 06/14/2001

Actually, having seen literallly thousands of these situations, and reading the literature, you are actually better off resuming some type of work or work related activities after surgery,,,,even major back surgeries and total hip replacements recommend normal activity almost immediately after surgery,,,,it tends to heal you faster and allows a quicker recovery to better for a work comp case...even if you get a settlement, and receive disability, you are better off back at work, and your employer will see you in a better light, and you will see your employer in a better light, if you are in you "seat" versus a temp or replacement...the sooner you are back to work, the better YOU are.,,dont worry about the insurance company or attorney aspects or your settlement, you are the one who loses the more time you are off...sounds like a testimonial, but i have seen thousands of cases, at the back end, where hindsight has convinced me that the injured worker loses by the anger and frustration of the system rathter than looking at the reality of the process. good luck
ors is harrasing Re: Nurse case mgr. badgering my Dr. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:12:32 06/21/2001

Sounds like you at least got to see your own dr. we are seeing a comp dr(IME?) he doesnt belive my husbands pain(we're only 5 weeks post injury) the nurse continually calls for all kinds of information that i would assume their own dr, would be supplying. 2 days after injury the case "witch" told him his injury was not that bad(this diagnonsis over the phone and before the MRI) I can't believe there isn't something that can be done about these people. How do they expevt people to get better with all the aggrevation? I do sympathize with you-

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