Is Kitzhaber's Meeting open to the Public?

Author Subject: Is Kitzhaber's Meeting open to the Public?
Frank Posted At 19:04:29 01/03/2000
Is Kitzhaber's tues Jan 4th, meeting open to the public?
If so when and where?
Helen Re: Kitzhaber's Meeting open to the Public? What about the open meeting law? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:42:38 01/03/2000

Can the Governor call a meeting of great importance to injured workers
and business alike and exclude the public? Where does the open public
meeting law fit into this meeting called by Gov Kitshaber?
Tom Re: Is Kitzhaber's Meeting open to the Public? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:39:17 01/03/2000

I don't know if this meeting is open to the public, Somehow I doubt it.

Apparently Kitzhaber didn't invite Associated Oregon Industries Workers comp
lobbyists Lisa Trussel to this meeting if I read the story right.

The state of Oregon is gearing up for the possible Supreme Court decision
in favor of Terry Smothers so expect alot of closed door meetings.

Tim Nesbitt AFL-CIO President said he'll enter this weeks talks arguing for
management concessions, This should be Interesting!.

My main concerns is the exclusion of the Department of Business and Consumer
servises, This state agency regulates Workmans Comp so why are the on the sidelines.

The reporter who wrote this story stated that the initial session could wind up
setting off a lenghty round of discussions or it could fizzle, Somehow I feel
that it will fizzle if management refuses to comform to labor wishes and see
what a mess the former MLAC has made of Workmans comp.

I will keep close tabs on this important story

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