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Author Subject: oregon saif miscalculations
chris w Posted At 14:00:55 05/04/2001
I just recieved my first pro-rated time-loss check from saif and was sickened that I was recieving another pay-cut for actually going back to work! I called my claim rep and asked how they calculated the amount, and sure enough my math was better than thiers. This is the second time that I have caught them in miscalculations, this time they tried to underpay me over $500 a month, quite a large sum if you ask me.
The moral of the story is never trust your check amounts at face value. Find out how they calculate the amounts and do the math yourself. In Oregon, after you go back to light duty and are making less than you were before your injury, the new pro-rated check should be 66 2/3% of your pre-injury gross weekly wage minus your reduced light-duty gross weekly wage.

Good luck to you all, and watch out for yourselves because noone else is.
Tarzan Re: oregon saif miscalculations (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:31:04 05/04/2001

I never got a penny after my short return to work. (guestimator)

I finnally did return to carpenters work. Only 23% disabled of the right, and congenitally disabled on the left, and nothing else accepted.

Although painful, it's quite rewarding to be back to work. The guy I'm working with, was born with stumps for fingers, and thumb, he is quite capable, I asked, why are you doing construction work, says he needs to eat.

Never underestimate what you can do when you put your mind to it.

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