Author Subject: hernia
Joe W. Posted At 06:39:59 05/06/2001
2 years ago I donated a kidney to my brother, on the aniversay of the transplant I ruptured the muscles that were cut for the transplant. My jof is sales and marketing, however because of a lost of drivers I was put back into a truck which requires much lifting. I told my employer that I was very concerned because of the 2 surguries in a row and that it would cause more problems, to make a long story short, I ruptured the muscles again. Do I have a claim
Chris M Re: hernia (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:16:18 05/06/2001

You need to consult an attorney which should be free and bring any paperwork you have about your employer's actions leading up to your injury.

Laws vary from state to state (you don't give one) but I'm certain the insurance company will use the prior operation against you and your employer will definately tell them about it.

Look in the Related Groups section in this site for an advocates in your area.

Good luck
Joe W. Re: hernia (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:29:49 05/07/2001

Thank you Chris, I live in New York State, It should be in my favor, because my employer was aware of my condition and I reminded him and the general manager that they would be putting my health at risk. Thankyou for your help, Joe

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