Just got the results from my IME

Author Subject: Just got the results from my IME
Can not believe it Posted At 21:36:02 05/06/2001
Got the Doctors report from the IME, I was shocked to say the least. These two Dr's report reads like I should be in a grave shortly. They have me so disabled that I should not be able to feed myself. I was shocked since it was the insurance company paying for the exam, I figured that the report would have read that I should be jogging 12 miles per day and roofing houses for a living. I am glad and relieved that they seen the truth and that my injury is serious. I bet the insurance company crapped when they read it. Geeee I wonder if they will send me for another IME so they can get the results they were looking for. I was honest and straight forward with the doctors, but the report did not at all come back in the favor of the insurer. I wonder if I should send these IME Dr's flowers?
Paula Re: Just got the results from my IME (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:31:15 05/09/2001

What state are you in??? I'd like to see those Dr.'s!!!! I'm glad to see someone who has something good come from all the SOB Comp. Co.s
Glenn Re: Just got the results from my IME (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 04:44:44 05/10/2001

I just got my IME, and although I am unable to do anything with my two arms for more than 30 minutes without suffering in agony, my IDIOT doctor says I should be able to return to work. You evidently found a respectable doctor. The one I went to works for a pimp!!
Brenda Re: Just got the results from my IME (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:59:20 05/14/2001

My friends' IME report says she had had surgery on her left shoulder problem and that IS NOT TRUE, so her lawyer should have to get that sentence corrected right? ALso the company she works for is making her use vacation time and I don't think it is legal if the problem is under worker's comp. She lives in New York state.

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