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Bonnie Jeglin Posted At 21:27:39 05/10/2001
I was on a smoke break when an ALJ came out and informed me that the
Smothers decision was in and it was a victory for injured workers. I
got little done today. The Workers Comp Board was all a buzz and
everyone was printing the decision and spending a lot of time going
over it. During many conversations the question kept always coming up.
What now? This decision (one we knew whould be made in our favor) is
absolutely going to turn the insurance companies on their ears. What will
happen at SAIF, at Liberty? One theory is that maybe SAIF will secretly
be happy that this happened, for money sake. They have that large reserve
and this may mean more reserves, or justifiable reserves, for them. Liberty
can offer insurance for liability. It is a possiblity that these things
can happen. The most important thing is that the constitution has been
defined so that Major contributing cause and exclusive remedy together is
the constitution violation that we all knew it was. Thanks to Scott Wrott
for always reminding us of that. Thanks to all the injured workers who
have hung in there and have not given up on the possibility that this could
happen. I will be monitoring closely what happens from here. Remember
everyone... we are stronger together.
Marty Re: Smothers decision (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 02:46:14 05/11/2001

Right on Bonnie. Thank you. We need people like you who have principles. It's sad that those with the most power in state government have turned their backs on their fellow citizens with these insane laws.
Tarzan Re: Smothers decision (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:24:33 05/12/2001

I second the motion.
Chris Re: Smothers decision (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:33:27 05/12/2001

The viciousness of work comp toward workers is another example of $power$ corrupting. The comp carriers have bought themselves every republican legislator in our state

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