Can i get IDET covered by w/c

Author Subject: Can i get IDET covered by w/c
jen Posted At 16:49:04 05/12/2001

I live in oregon and was injured in oregon back in September. After spending the last 8 months being told its just a strain. We finally found out it was the disc. The disc is bulging and has annular tears. I have been told that i have 2 options. The first is putting up with the pain and getting released back to full duty with no restictions. A month of this, i will probably be running back to the surgeon cause of the pain. Second option is doing a fusion at L4-5. Undergoing this at 26 yrs old, seems kinda young. They left this decision in my hands. And i have to decided when i am done dealing with it. My question is that at OHSU. IDET is being done. Can i get w.c to pay for this and avoid a fusion. Has this ever been heard of. Thanks Jennifer
Injured Worker Re: Can i get IDET covered by w/c (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:44:15 05/13/2001

You can probably get the IDET covered by W/C. But the thing get them to agree to pay for it first..Otherwise you'll be stuck with a bill..
I was 31 when they went in on my lower back, but the procedure didn't work..I finally ended up with a fusion on my neck at 3 levels...
Pain is all gone...Most of the other stuff too...
I checked out the IDET also, but was told the Doctor at OHSU that was doing those procedures,(at the time),Had not done very many of those. That made me very weary of the whole IDET thing. All that I am saying is PLEASE be careful...It is YOUR body not the insurance companies....Make your choices very carefully!
Del Information Services Re: Can i get IDET covered by w/c (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 11:50:28 05/13/2001


SAIF has petitioned DCBS to exclude IDET as experimental and unproven. The Medical Advisory Committee has recommended that the proceedure be excluded for coverage. They are presently asking for public comment.

Visit for details. It's the first listing under "Proposed Rules."
millie Re: Can i get IDET covered by w/c (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:54:23 05/14/2001

Stay away from IDET. The horror stories are many! Do not be fooled. I Have a herniation to L4-5, had fusion, no help. Followed IDET on internet and doctor. Had to fight with insurance company to get proceedure. I had the proceedure and I am a mess. Severe pain, fluid draining from back and need a walker. It was only after I had the proceedure did I find so many people that wre willing to talk about the failures. This was the worst mistake of my life.

Sam Re: Can i get IDET covered by w/c (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 16:31:40 05/14/2001

What is IDET?
Jen Re: Can i get IDET covered by w/c (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:50:41 05/14/2001


Thanks everyone. I have decided against doing the IDET. It seemed so risky. IF i do it. there is a good chance it would go to a fusion. Plus the recovery time is about 6 months. My surgeon suggest that we doing a fusion. Now only if we can get w.c to get it cover. I find out this wk. I have been told it was a strain, only to find out it was the disc. Word has it that i find out this wk.. Thank you.
bill Re: Can i get IDET covered by w/c (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:44:18 05/27/2001

hi jen! i had the idet done about a year ago. i was back to work in one week with limitations. i didn't have any problems with the procedure. the doc wanted me to wait for 2 months to go back to work, but i couldn't afford to. the results of the idet was that i only felt a little better after 4 months and continue to feel the same today. my work comp ins waited for 2 years before they went and approved it. but it was for nothing in the long run.i'm still in pain and on heavy medication and now they are trying to close my case. good luck, bill

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