Derfler pulling support for SB 485

Author Subject: Derfler pulling support for SB 485
Watchdog Posted At 10:42:38 05/14/2001
Apparently Senate President Gene Derfler is so upset over the unamious ruling in the Smothers case that he is pulling his support for SB 485 the Management-labor aggreement hammered out last year.

This shows his bold distaste for workers, especially injured workers.

Derfler along with Mannix in 1995 are the people that helped to strengthen the screwing of injured workers with SB 369. This bill created a loophole in the workers compensation system, With the Smothers case, that loophole is closed.

Do us all a favor Honorable President Derfler, "RETIRE".
Buy a row boat and take your kids fishing, But be careful I hear that repeatitive motion causes injuries.

Chris Re: Derfler pulling support for SB 485 (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 13:21:28 05/14/2001

We needant fret about Sen Derfler getting RSI. Associated Oregon Industries (the business lobby and his largest contributor in his 1998 campaign) and other Oregon corporations will buy him a very nice "ship" for his years of faithful service tio THEM.

Perhaps, Scotti Pippin wil get bored with his new one and Derfler can be bought that one for a discount.

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