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Tom Posted At 10:35:02 05/21/2001
I have been in the same boat that you are in right now.
I had 2 shoulder surgeries, One in 1997 and the second in 1999.
During the time between surgeries I started to experience problems with my left shoulder, the same problems that have caused my first shoulder surgery. I was denied a claim on my left shoulder.

My advise to you is, If they haven't denied any portion of your claim it would be a waste of your timeloss to hire an attorney. Lawyers are expensive.

I hired an attorney because my claim on my left shoulder was denied, during that process I had my second surgery on my right shoulder.

2 months after my last surgey the carrier wanted to settle with me on my right shoulder, My stupid attorney included my left shoulder claim and didn't tell me until after the settlement process was over. I received 500 dollars for my denied claim and was given the right to qualify for unemployment, My settlement on my right shoulder claims was less that I made for one year of working, Plus I didn't qualify for timeloss of voc-rehab if I had further problems with my right shoulder.

If they do offer you a settlement don't give away future timeloss if you have further problems with your shoulder and don't give up your right to be re-trained, This will decrease the amount of your settlement but it will be worth it the long run if you require a third shoulder surgery.

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