Back surgery, now what??

Author Subject: Back surgery, now what??
Sassy Posted At 01:53:23 05/24/2001
I am 28 two small boys and have injured my back at a hospital. I had laser assisted dicectomy last year...Nothing!! I then had, of course after almost 2 years of injections, physical therapy etc.. I had spinal fusion L4-L5, L5-S1 last Sept. then I had hardware removal this past Feb. I still hurt very bad, waiting on results from MRI, believed to have bursitis do to the instrumentation. Hospital is of course trying settlement proceedings, MY Doc says I am not ready yet. I was fired from my job, yes I know, I hired an attorney right then I just wasn't aware Wrongful Termination was a seperate case and he failed to inform me of that. Now, time up on that one!! Since I have no job and POSSIBLE bursitis what now? Will the bursitis ever go away? It is in my sciatic area and hurts like the dikkens! No one could ever pay me enough for what my family and I have gone through! For all you out there with children, when my youngest started walking he was trotting down the hall i was sitting in the living room floor cheering him on, he then leaped at me. I fell back and cried...oh did it hurt, then he cried...things like that just really kill me!! Anywase~what do I expect now? I am an average married woman two small children and a middle income family, although without my TTD we are gonna be hurt bad!! The least these people could do is pay off my house and car or something! I am sure as with most of you, it would never be enough but if anyone has anything similar I would love to hear about it. Like, how long am I gonna be without money? How long after they stop my ttd before I get my settlement! They did say I could go to school to retrain for something, heck if I could afford to stay home and just go to school, I wouldn't be here now would I?? They make me sick. They know we can't survive very long with no income so they give us a small check and say goodby! Please help!

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