general workman's comp frustration, is this typical?

Author Subject: general workman's comp frustration, is this typical?
L.Olson Posted At 10:55:18 05/25/2001
Keeping a long story as short as possible. I was injured at work, slipping on some "black ice". I was told at the time that I suffered a hamstring pull. About 10 months, and a lot of pain later, I finally convinced the company approved clinic to do an MRI. This immediately showed that I had developed "avascular necrosis" resulting in damage to the femoral head and a core decompression was recommended. This I finally had done, and a year and 3 months later, the Dr. finally determined I had reached MMI. The company insurance company followed all of this. I was determined at this time to be relagated to "sedentary" work only. Problem is, I was/am an aircraft mechanic. I now have been meeting with an insurance company vocational counseler trying to get me a suitable job. I know nothing else, I have been a mechanic for 30 years, I worked with the same company for the past 17 years, and no job they can come up with comes close to what I was making, or the value of so many years of seniority.
I guess I just need to know if the insurance company is just required to get me "gainful" employment, no matter how much it costs me in the long run???????? Sure I can find a job, but nothing paying even half of what I was making. The fact that I stuck with this company for 17 years and 2 chapter 11 bankruptcies means NOTHING. They are now making money hand over fist, paying bonuses, etc. Even giving away Ford Explorers for perfect attendance in drawings!!!
Sorry, I just HAD to vent.....
LUCK Re: general workman's comp frustration, is this typical? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:47:08 06/07/2001

ARE YOU IN OREGON? they are required to place you at no less than 80% of you pay at time of injury in oregon. I am fighting retraining right now......GOOD LUCK.

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