desperately seeking help

Author Subject: desperately seeking help
ramonia Posted At 22:43:55 05/26/2001
i hurt my back on jan.4, 2001 and i've been in pain every since. i went to my doc at first i thought i made the right decision. i don't even know what is wrong with me. i told the doc where it hurts, how it hurt and when it hurts most, then she stop prescribing pain pills. i just took all the pill she gave me that eventually stopped working like darvocet, robaxin, vicoden beleive it or not all this pills have no effect on the pain. they sent me in for a facet injection that only aggravated the pain. now i feel like i'm walking around with weights on my back and the pain is is far worse. unbearable i should say. now the insurance company want an ime or rme. what should i expect? should i get a lawyer now? my appointment for the 6th of June do i still have enough time, because i'm as lost as today?

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