hurt, off and hungry.

Author Subject: hurt, off and hungry.
rip Posted At 14:43:18 05/28/2001

Subj: Looking for advice
Date: 5/26/01 8:42:06 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Gritnour324

I have been working for over 22 years steady. On 9-19-98 I hurt my back in two or more places. Over that time span I was moved to a lighter job, and 5, eight hour workdays. The doctor put me on light duty 8-3-0. Now I work in the tool room and inspecting parts. I went from 42-45000 yr. to 26000. yr. The doctor disabled me at 12% and they sent me 366. a week till it reached about 12,000.. I take pain pills at work, I do not have much pleasure anymore and do not know what to do or who to trust. I take some vacation days to rest my back, but tuesday morning I just called in and went to doctor wednesday morning, he told me to take a week off and come see him the following wednesday. I cant afford much time off, Can I get some help on the days I have to take off? I have been told by both doctors that an operation would not help. I dont like to take pain pills every day, I have had 3 cord. shots and I think they have worn off. This town rotates around the company I work for, so who can I talk to? I have allways been a hard worker and like my job, I do not know what to do. Can you please E-mail me and give me some advice? one doctor suggested disabilty but I dont want to live the rest of my life with a camera on my back.And do not want to sue......Thank you and God bless ,
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Posted At 20:30:50 05/29/2001

Try Soma/also know as Carisopridol if I spelled it right, works for being active, without knocking you out. (it's a muscle relaxer).

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