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Author Subject: Re: work comp case worker/on job auto accident???
Martin J. Kashino Posted At 22:22:23 05/29/2001
Very sorry to here about your injury! I was in rearended twice by the same car on Thanksgiving day 2000. I was driving a taxi and was parked reading a book. It tokk the doctors 2 months to find that I had 2 fractured vertibra in the middle of my back. I have been in constant pain ever since the collission. I have already done physical therapy first starting at 3 time a week and then sent a physical rehab where I had to live in Boise Idaho for a month just to attend. The doctor who sent me there said it was all they could do. W/C uses this place to say that you have made great improvements, give you a rating and try to get you off there injured list. Believe me you need a lawyer as soon as possible. Now I'm having to play catch up because at first I thought I was going to recover just fine. It has been 6 months now and am being with starvation and unable to pay my bills. I am having to complain (in letter form) to medical boards, industrial commissions, doctors, attorneys. I am trying to put together other people who have had the same run around to try and get something done, not only to help myself but to help those who follow.
It is an absolutely travesty what is happening to injured workers out there! My sympathy goes with you, but you have to fight to get anything done! There is a petition for injured workers of America, Please sign and pass on! Here is the address.

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