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RedScooterMama Posted At 13:11:30 05/31/2001
Hey JD I am from michigan also. I was injured on the job back in oct 2000. I have applied for social security disability. Havnt heard from them yet. I imagine that You always get denied the first time. I had to call the claims person at social security disability worker who was reviewing my case to tell her any changes of my condition today to let her know my congestive heart failure was flairing up. I hope that helps the case too and also the severety of my constant chronic pain due to c5-6 c6-7 fusions and laminectomy diskectomy. I came out of anesthia on 12-19 for the c6-7 surgery and have been in nothing but pain, decreased mobility of my neck and now fibromyalgia due to the injury causing so much pain it is causing fibromyalgia throughout my body's joints. Of course my neurosurgeon is one of these that dont want to get involved and is afraid of law suits and I know from an attorney i'm seeking services for that this guy wont send in papers on your health or reports from his office because he is so afraid. He thought I could go back to work even tho I had all this pain and constant headaches all the time. He doesnt like people to question his meaning. I wont get into it is what he says. I just need my records sent to social security disability & my feeling is that he is changing them before he sends them on or just chooses to ignore the ssd office. He's had alot of law suits against him if i would have known that i would have not gone to him. He did my 1st surgery and everything went well. This nerve root is something that happens I guess. I dont think that is anything he necessarily did i dont know. well take care I care.

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