Stay up Sunday night for radio broadcast with Iris

Author Subject: Stay up Sunday night for radio broadcast with Iris
Del Posted At 17:27:40 06/02/2001
Iris, a nationally known injured worker advocate, will be discussing workers' comp issues early this Monday morning 1:30 til 5:30.

It can be heard on:

KBNP 1410 AM (coverage area from Salem, Oregon to Kelso, Washington) See a map here.

KCMX 880 AM (based in Medford, Oregon. Coverage area is unknown.)
Scott Wroot Re: Stay up Sunday night for radio broadcast with Iris (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:11:14 06/03/2001

Scott R. Wroot May 29, 2001
31125 4th St.
Lebanon, Oregon 97355

Dear Oregon State Senator or Representative,

Oregon's workers compensation system is in trouble-- and it started a long time ago.

In 1965, Oregon's Legislative body abused their power and authority. (HB 1001) created an unconstitutional transfer of trust fund monies and surpluses from the Industrial Accident Trust Fund, and created diversions to other non-dedicated funds and pools. The Industrial Accident Trust Fund, dedicated by a Legislative Act in 1929, was passed to restore faith in the system, because of distrust by the workers and the employers. The State was to administer the Publicly held trust fund created to protect the workers of this State from the devastating effects of a work place caused disabilities. The State in 1929 declared no proprietary interest in the fund or right to reclaim legislatively. Injured workers were the only beneficiaries of the trust with a substantive and vested right to the Trust.
The changes in 1965 were illegal. They created an ongoing breach of trust with fraudulent intent, and an unconstitutional diversion of dedicated funds. This has had a devastating effect on a small portion of our society (injured workers), while making other portions of our society wealthy at the expense of the injured workers. Our friends, neighbors, and relatives are suffering from this system. They sustain life long job related injuries, and disabilities, and are being mistreated, and ignored by most of our State officials. Injured workers are fighting restricted and non-existent benefits, while being entitled to them under Trust Law. Injured workers lack the rights given to all citizens in a common law court for injuries to person or property. They are suffering from the removal of their constitutional rights to the only remedy granted to them by our State as explained in Smothers v/s Gresham Transfer.
Oregon's Legislative Body will never be able to fix their workers compensation system, until they correct the fundamental problem first, by restoring the Industrial Accident Trust Fund in full. We as a nation require trust in our elected public officials. This trust is to do what is right and lawful, while passing legislation that is in the best interest of our society. Moreover, our public officials need to be held accountable for conflicts of interest to make our nation a just nation of constitutional laws, accountability, responsibility, plus a nation of rights and freedoms granted to all it's citizens.

With great concern,

Scott R. Wroot
Injured Workers Support Group

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