Re: Nurse case mgr. badgering my Dr.

Author Subject: Re: Nurse case mgr. badgering my Dr.
debbie Posted At 14:44:40 06/03/2001
Hello, My nurse practioneer met me at my IME exam and told me that my doctor had bad reviews, she said she had a great Surgeon who would do my sugery ASAP. I informed her that i would not be having insurance docs do my surgery, and my doctor had already set appiontments for me. I then saw the IME, the name needs to be changed to another word than independent medical examiner, but I wont say what online, anyway!!!! Well I got a letter that denied me anymore checks, or surgeries, or medical help the same date I saw the IME and told nurse no thanks fo r there surgeon. Well know I find out there are disbuting it all, I guess because they know I will never let there surgeons operate opn my cat, dog or spider as far as that goes, I have never heard good results, never!!!!!!!!!!!

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