deb12345 Posted At 14:52:07 06/03/2001
Hello, I am looking for Marylanders who have been screwed by a Pikesville, Maryland IME!!! All we need to do, and everyone else is find as many 10 or 20 people that Ime'S DID IT AGAIN, FILED A FALSE REPORT AAND CLAIM, OR SAY THINGS LIKE ""any occupation"" you can return when you are ready for a wheelchair, diagnostic tests showed nothing, when in fact diagnostic tests showed 2 torn shoulders, if they lie, and make it the reason why you are denied, find as many other people as you can and file a class aaction suit against this guy!!!! I have spoke to 35 different Lawyers and they aall say the same thing that this PIKESVILLE IME has done this to so many of there clients it is sick, so believe me, there are llots and lots of others out there. The only way we can stop this is fight back ourselves, believe me Lawyers are not going to fight unless it is a clear cut case, so find 10 20 others the same IME has left injured and injure him, like he deserves!!!!! GOD BLESS US ALL DEBBIE

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