The Next Assault Oklahoma

Author Subject: The Next Assault Oklahoma
Del Posted At 19:32:19 03/23/2000
Workers' comp cases would be settled without lawyers or judges under a bill before the Oklahoma Senate.

The bill would replace the workers' comp court with "facilitators" who would handle disputed claims. Claims that could not be settled would be passed to a magistrate, who would judge the case at the local level.

The new system would dramatically reduce the cost of resolving workers' comp claims, says Senator Scott Pruitt, who introduced the bill.

My response:

I agree with Pruitt that his bill will dramatically reduce the cost of resolving workers' comp claims. I would hope, though, that the injured worker would at least receive bus fare to the hearing (if they are even allowed to attend). In reality THAT'S ALL he or she could hope to recover from their injuries from "insurance company bought" facilitators.

Not surprisingly, the LRA anticipated this next step by business, insurance companies, and their faithful servants, the corrupt politicians.
Read the expose here.

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