I'm having trouble translating my MRI report

Author Subject: I'm having trouble translating my MRI report
easygoesit Posted At 11:00:55 06/08/2001
Hi to all,
I'm an injured worker from MI...I've been dealing with W/C for almost a year now due to an injury in my back...My employer has decided that i can no longer move "fast" enough to get the recuired level of work they expect...So, they've left me with W/C...W/C has said that i've exhausted most of their "aproved" treatment options...(epidural injection,PT,more PT)...Those treatment options have seemed more like punishment...
I've had 2 MRI's now...the second was worst than the first...I'm left feeling rather worried about my future...I'm a 25 year old toolmaker who's worked long and hard to make something of myself...It seems that mounts up to nothing in their eyes...I need a translator to figure out what my last MRI report means...(IME reporting)It states:degenerative disc dessication at L5-S1,disc bulge at L5-S1 with posterior endplate spurring...Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thank you....easygoesit
Moe Re: I'm having trouble translating my MRI report (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:34:28 06/08/2001

Try going to the hospital and let your doctor see the report
Tarzan Re: I'm having trouble translating my MRI report (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:57:22 06/08/2001

The old shot-gun treatment, let the lawyers figure it out.

They are just trying to say your condition is congenital. You were born that way, or you did something to hurt yourself before or after your injury.

Kind of hard to imagine, old age bad back at 25, but they do it all the time.

Find an honest doctor, and lawyer, next they'll try to starve you out.

No Diploma mills. Good Luck.
easygoesit Re: I'm having trouble translating my MRI report (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:17:09 06/11/2001

I'd like to thank you both for your responses and your help...I had this all translated by my doctor...My first MRI states i had a hernia in the L5-S1 region...Several doctors agreed on that...This second MRI was seen only by an IME...They have refused to pay for another opinion and have stated that they would hold to their IME's opinion even if another doctors was different...Tarzan, you were so very right..they cut my benefits the day after i posted my original message...Being as comp has made it known to work that my back condition is "prexisting" my work is poised to fire me...I cannot move fast enough for them...So i soon will be without a job as well...(and my house) Thank you for reading this...easygoesit...

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