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Stressedout Posted At 09:51:44 06/09/2001
My husband won a worker's comp case 20 years ago, which it was judged the insurance company was to pay all his medical expences & medications for the rest of his life for this injury.

My problem is trying to get his supposedly already approved prescriptions approved, when we call in a refill to the pharmacy for his medicine, the pharmacy has to call the insurance company for approval, when they do they get the insurance company's voice mail, which they don't answer, so we have to call the insurance company, they deny getting any voice mail.

We go through this every month, does anyone know if there's anything we can do??

Also, my husband had to have a procedure done, when the Doctor's office called the insurance company for approval, when they finally got through.
The insuance company gave them a terrible time, must of said some horrible things about my husband, because the Doctor's office wouldn't tell us what they said, they said it was too horrible. The Doctor's office is filing a complaint against the insurance carrier.

Is there anything that can be done to stop the travesty that these insurance companys put injured workers through??

Any information would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you!
EED Re: I've had it! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 13:14:27 06/09/2001

You don't say what state your husband was injured in, but most have an insurance commisioner to file a complaint. Also contact any injured worker ombudsman your state may have. Try contacting your states' attorney general's office. Get your state and federal representative's involved.

It's important to get this insurance company behavior "on-the-record" and do so each and every time they act in such a way. You need a verifiable paper-trail.

You should also keep a log for yourself with names (pharmacy, doctor, etc.), dates, and a description of each event.

You may also want to send a registered (certified) letter (return receipt requested) to a high-up official in the insurance company. Just stay with the facts in this letter. Again, you need varifiable proof they were made aware of the situation.
Stressedout Re: I've had it! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 06:02:36 06/20/2001

He was injured in NY, thank you for the feedback, we are doing as you suggested.

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