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Robert Posted At 12:37:30 06/09/2001
If you get hurt in Alaska, there is a group called "Alaska Injured Workers Alliance" The website address is ""
Search engines see Alaska Injured Workers Alliance when you type that in.
You can email Barbara Williams at with your questions.
Their mission is to promote awareness of injured workers' rights and benefits under Alaska's Workers Compensation Act and assist Injured Workers, their families, medical providers and legal represenatatives i securing these rights and benefits. They represent injured workers when they are unable to represent themselves and cannot obtain an attorney to represent them. If your injured in Alaska please call them at 907-278-3661
and someone will be able to assit you. AIWA is a non-profit organization.
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Posted At 13:45:28 06/24/2001

Problem again about these groups, all your doing is getting "NON"
representation from a lawyer, which in the end only (takes your workers compensation Money which most JUDGES Allow because they feel you never had a case and that your wasting, COURT TIME, only you had no Idea that in the end you would be made to pay the lawyers fee.) the lawyer manipulates it in the Employer's favor, take your (Rating) 6-% money and forget the lawyer's, Workers compensation pays only what they have to by "LAW". Lawyer's once you hire them are only pretending to shoot in the dark @ a third-party fault.
Other than that you never needed a lawyer.

P.S.No matter what type and how bad, If a third Party is not @ fault bag the lawyer, (your) deposition will always kill your case "bank on it" your
mouth will run and you will always be @ fault. Remember.... LAWYER's Doctor's
are employers too.???$$$$ save are money they say, but give it to the NASA SPACE PROGRAM........!

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