Ya Workers comp carriers

Author Subject: Ya Workers comp carriers
Advocate Posted At 00:53:12 03/25/2000
How do you people who rule the lives of Injured workers sleep at night.
Are you people or are you dead from the heart up. The story about that
man in the previous posting could be on of your wife's, husbands, daughters
son's. I don't understand how you people can hide behind the laws and screw
so many people out of their life's work, their families hopes.
You make live so hard just to protect you profits, How many messages have to
be put in this message forum before you GET THE MESSAGE.

I want to ask all Injured workers in Oregon who use this forum, To register
and vote, Believe me when we all band together we can vote these lawmakers
out of office who are in the back pocket of the Insurance companies.

Don't believe what Associated Oregon Industries, or Saif Corporation have
to say about Measure 81, They will use millions of dollars to make sure
that Measure 81 passes, Injured workers get out and vote, Lets make sure that
Measure 81 dosen't pass, Because this measure is tied directly to the
Oregon State Supreme Court ruling in The Terry Smothers case, They are worried
Saif is Worried, AOI is worried, they both stand to lose millions if not
billions of dollars, Lets make them responsible.

Governor Kitzhaber, Injured workers can't eat the scenery.
Read the previous posting, How can a man provide for his family How can he pay his share of the taxes if he can't work.
This is not a hard problem to figure out, We all have, WHY CAN'T YOU.

One last thing, We are capable of voting, Remember that Mr Kitzhaber when
you would rather spend millions on salmon while you allow a system that was supposed
to help citizens after an on the job injury end up like the man in the previous post.

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