Re: Nurse case mgr. badgering my Dr.

Author Subject: Re: Nurse case mgr. badgering my Dr.
Brad Posted At 00:45:43 06/14/2001
Actually, having seen literallly thousands of these situations, and reading the literature, you are actually better off resuming some type of work or work related activities after surgery,,,,even major back surgeries and total hip replacements recommend normal activity almost immediately after surgery,,,,it tends to heal you faster and allows a quicker recovery to better for a work comp case...even if you get a settlement, and receive disability, you are better off back at work, and your employer will see you in a better light, and you will see your employer in a better light, if you are in you "seat" versus a temp or replacement...the sooner you are back to work, the better YOU are.,,dont worry about the insurance company or attorney aspects or your settlement, you are the one who loses the more time you are off...sounds like a testimonial, but i have seen thousands of cases, at the back end, where hindsight has convinced me that the injured worker loses by the anger and frustration of the system rathter than looking at the reality of the process. good luck

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