Re: Trouble Preforming My Job After W/C Injury(alabama)

Author Subject: Re: Trouble Preforming My Job After W/C Injury(alabama)
Alan Posted At 00:54:01 06/14/2001
If you are seriously interested in keeping your job, and you feel, and really feel capable of returning to your occupation with a bit more treatment, body conditioning, or assistive devices to maintain the job, and believe me you are better off keeping and resuming your job, then you might want to request modified or alternative duty in an effor to provide you an opportunity to build up to, or gain tolerance to resume this type of work...the other option is to suggest assistive support to allow you to return to work under the umbrella of ADA (Americans with Disability Act) that basically provides you the right to request assistance to do the essential functions of your job, so long as it is not a significant burden or cost to the employer, so if you like your employer and they like you, (this is my personal take on any job situation and its prospects for the future) then i would ask for an accomodation to see if the employer can find a way for you to return to your is in the best interest for both you and your employer to do so...this might be in the form of knee braces, lifting devices, and aide to lift heavy items, some else to do the crawling, etc...or it might take the form of having you do more estimating, or custormer service or quality control, rather than the heavy work..give it some thought, and be creative...

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