two neck surgerys and still too much pain

Author Subject: two neck surgerys and still too much pain
Dale Posted At 01:21:04 06/14/2001
on march 20 2000 i was unloading a truck load of keg beer and had a fork lift operator drop a keg of beer onto the keg i was lifting, it slammed me too the floor of the truck and i imediatly lost feeling in my left arm and excrutiating pain in neck, head, left arm, and middle of my back between shoulder blades. i have had 2 surgerys and tons of theraphy and am still on oxy-contin 40mgs twice a day. it takes that much to function.i get severe sharp shooting pains in my arm and hot needles into my hands and arms and i have a searing hot poker stuck through the middle of my back clear through the front of my chest. Workmans comp. is footing the bill for now but i know this will come to an end soon. as they only cover so much for life. my question is this accident took place in a different state than i am collecting comp in and since i am screwed from going back to the job i love, by this idiot fork lift operator. can i sue him or the company in the other state. or does anyone know what the policies are for length of time they will cover my claim. and can our family survive on what they pay. I do have an attorney and i keep forgetting to talk to him about these things, with all the other lists of things to cover. thanks for any input anyone can provide. Me
Write a list of questions and pass them on. Re: two neck surgerys and still too much pain (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:59:45 06/14/2001

Write a list of questions and pass them on.

You probably can go after the fork-lift operators employer.

Nerve damage?

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