Can they do this?

Author Subject: Can they do this?
Junie Moon Posted At 09:01:11 06/14/2001
I had surgery (triger finger release/sonovial fluid removal) last Wed. Sat. I received a cert. letter telling me I was layed off. Went to the unemployment office on Mon. to apply for unemployment, they said I'd have to wait (I knew this) until the worker's comp released me, but to call the worker's comp rep. and tell her what the co. did. I called her the next Wed. she said she and the plant mngr. talked about this the wk. prior to my surgery and they both agreed it was in the "best interest of the Co. that they lay me off, due to work shortage". IS THIS IN THE BEST INTEREST FOR ME, AND IS THIS LEGAL IN GEORGIA? Please let me know? Junie Moon P.S. I have worked for this Co. for 12 yrs. Other hand needs the same surgery. I have No insurance after July 6th.....
watchdog Re: Can they do this? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:07:38 06/14/2001

Ya they can do this, Companies do this all the time. I would still find a local attorney to discuss this with, Take full use of your timeloss then get your unemployment. The best interest of the company always comes first.
Sounds like Oregon.
Tarzan Re: Can they do this? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:05:33 06/14/2001

I don't think you can collect unemployment, family help??

Starve for a while, like over a year? Just part of their games, to get you to sign your life away.

Have an Ohmbudsman in your state?

Don't let your private insurance lapse, you'll need their doctors and lawyers.

Be very agressive with your physical therapy, you'll certainly loose strength and range of motion.
watchdog Re: Can they do this? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:42:57 06/14/2001

If you are laid off either way you still qualify for unemployment

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