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Steve Meyers Posted At 12:33:52 06/14/2001
I have recently overcome a repetitive stress injury that had bothered me for over three years. Looking back, I realize it could have easily been prevented if I had been aware of the risk factors I was exposed to. Everyone should be made aware of such risk factors and whatever preventitive measures needed should be taken. It's a matter of being proactive versus reactive. My employer lost revenues because I wasn't there do get jobs done, had to pay for my absence and my medical bills, and almost had to replace me which would have been even costlier. When an injury like this occurs, not only does the injured suffer, but so does the employer and fellow employee. All this could have been prevented if this ergonomics rule was in place. Any businessman or congressman who opposes this obviously has not suffered a repetitive stress injury. I am embarassed in our system of government, if they could shun such a proposal. It's like legalizing rape.

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