Governor Kitzhaber

Author Subject: Governor Kitzhaber
Tom L Posted At 01:02:10 03/25/2000
The Governor has completely ignored the injured workers in the state.
I have repeatedly sent him letters, and no reply.
He will be appointing new members to the MLAC committee soon, We will see
just how badly has ignored the Injured workers in this state by whom he
appoints to this committee.

Fred Johnson Re: Governor Kitzhaber (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:06:25 03/25/2000

If you use the 800 character format, you will recieve a replie, I don't think the governor reads the messages, but someone in his office does.
I have also received communication from Senator Wyden's office, and Tony Green at the Oregonian.

The sqeaky wheel.

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